Before & After

2015-04-15_22-14-32 (1)“Hard work is paying off. I changed my diet as you suggested. Nothing white (Rice my favorite has been removed). Spinach, tilapia , tuna, green tea and sweet potatoes are my new friends. I adjusted my workout routine as suggested by my trainer. I do it for my health and the benefits are great. Hubby is happy (so supportive)! I listen to my trainer. Romona you rock!!!!” – Karen
2015-04-12_21-38-10 (1)“When I met Romona, I was 190 lbs. I wanted to get healthy and lose weight. I was able to achieve both objectives because she is a dynamic person who is very focused on nutrition and exercise. I’m now down to 160 lbs, but it came as a result of falling off the wagon and getting back up and starting over, not once but many times.
2015-04-12_21-51-55 (1)“I bumped into my trainer (Romona) in the store. She didn’t even recognize me!!…Romona is the truth! I was in a size 14 & now I’m in a size 6 … thank God! Thank you Romona. Thank you, thank you.” – Shadawn
1r (1)“When I needed to take my fitness quest to another level, God connected me with Romona. She is also certified in many areas of health and fitness. She is not only one of my accountability partners but my personal trainer and the most physically fit person I know. Working with Romona has helped me to shed 35 lbs! More importantly, she has helped me to become better educated in proper eating, nutrition, muscle toning and so much more. I won’t go back to what I used to be.” – Rev. Belynda
2015-04-12_22-05-02 (1)“Romona helped me to discover inner strength I did not know I had. Her passion for me to succeed kept me motivated and inspired. I look and feel great! And more importantly, I am healthier as a result of working with Romona.” – Heather
2015-04-12_22-02-38 (1)“I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to train with Romona. Since training with her, I have noticed a dramatic change in my stamina and eating habits. And most of all, I’m especially satisfied with the weight loss. I’ve lost a total of 25 lbs in 2 months. Thank you, Romona.” – Greg
2015-04-12_21-56-56 (1)“In March 2013, I had had enough of my weight and all the problems that it was causing with my health. I ran across my friend who had lost a noticeable amount of weight. She explained to me that changing her lifestyle by making better food choices and hiring a personal trainer for exercise and direction made the difference.
2r (1)“Thanks to Romona, I am beginning to feel real confident about my body. Everytime someone compliments me and tells me I look nice … I want to hug her!!! I’m feeling really good about myself now. I decided to give up smoking cold turkey. To my surprise, after smoking for several years, I quit and have not smoked for months and don’t intend to. I lost seventeen pounds in three weeks and, guess what?! I WON!